NBA Referees Wired - listen in

NBA Referees Wired is a website that takes you inside the conversation between NBA referees, NBA players and NBA coaches. And even spectators, like the time NBA referee Joey Crawford gave money to a woman in the stands, so that she could buy her husband a beer.

NBA referee Joey Crawford is in general a very entertaining official, like when Crawford spoke to Hugh Jackman during an Los Angeles Lakers game or when he had a good laugh with San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich during the 2003 NBA Finals.

NBA referee Danny Crawford is more down-to-earth and is a very reasonable and very calm official, like when he explained to Derek Fisher and Brian Shaw how many thing he missed on one play. In that same video, Joey Crawford ejects Dallas Mavericks head coach Don Nelson.

Also listen in on Washington Wizards guard Michael Jordan as he talks to NBA referee Tommy Nunez about a non-call made on a double-dribble. This is from Michael Jordans last NBA game.

One of the most famous and discussed ejections ever in the NBA is also featured as a wired clip. NBA referee Ron Garretson ejected Portland Trail Blazers forward Rasheed Wallace for staring at him, back in the 2000 NBA Western Conference Finals Game 1.