NBA player Michael Jordan wired talking to an NBA referee

Remember Jason Williams aka White Chocolate? He was drafted by the Sacramento Kings back in the 1999 NBA Draft. He joined a struggeling team that had just picked up Vlade Divac and traded Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber. That was the beginning of a new era in Sacramento. Jason Williams was known to be a flashy basketball player – sometimes even too flashy. In this clip Jason Willams is trying to be flashy but comes up short and believes that he was fouled. NBA referee Ron Garretson tells Jason Williams that the contact is too minor and that he already was past the defense.

Even in All Star Games there are key matchups as we listen in on NBA referee Danny Crawford telling his officiating crew that the matchup between Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Toronto Raptors forward Tracy McGrady is intense.

A very funny clip is Washington Wizards shooting guard Michael Jordan telling NBA referee Tommy Nunez that he believed that 76ers guard Aaron McKie had double dribbled. Nunez did not see two hands on the ball but he believes the former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan. A funny note is that this was both Tommy Nunez’s and Michael Jordan’s last NBA game.

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The Washington Wizards ended the 2002-03 NBA season 37-45 asĀ Michael Jordan scored 15 points, had 4 assists and 4 rebounds in his final NBA game.

Also, listen in as Ray Allen believes the NBA referees are mocking his teammate Sam Cassell.