NBA referee Joey Crawford calls technical fouls in NBA Finals


The first three clips of this videos dates back to the 2000 NBA Finals, when Reggie Miller's Indiana Pacers made the NBA Finals for the first time. Former Boston Celtics player Larry Bird was the head coach of this Pacers team and as he asks NBA referee Joey Crawford about a call during a timeout, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson comes over and interrupts on purpose, so that Bird does not get an advantage talking to the referees. Both NBA head coaches gets a technical foul and Phil Jackson agrees on the call.


In the same 2000 NBA Finals Indiana Pacers point guard and Los Angeles Lakers point guard Ron Harper also get a double technical foul for jawing a little bit. Marc Jackson is frustrated about the call but NBA referee Hugh Evans explains why he was also called for a technical foul and Marc Jackson seems to understand the call.

In the final clip NBA referee Joey Crawford calls on technical foul on New Jersey Nets forward Richard Jefferson. Nets head coach Byron Scott - who had just taken a Nets team to the NBA Finals or the second straight season - complains to Joey Crawford, who tries to calm him down. A little bit later a smiling San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich approahes Crawford, saying that he didn't believe that Crawford was sincere when he called the technical. They both agree on that and end up laughing.