NBA referee Steve Javie jokes with Lakers coach Phil Jackson

The first clip of this video comes from the 2003 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals game 3 in Dallas, where the Dallas Mavericks were hosting the San Antonio Spurs. NBA referee Danny Crawford jokes with the team captains – San Antonio Spurs players David Robinson and Tim Duncan, and Michael Finley from the Dallas Mavericks – about them having to call their own fouls. This was actually to calm them down a bit, as game 1 of the series featured 72 personal fouls along with 98 free throw attempts. Game 2 featured four technical fouls called by Joey Crawford in the first 10:11 of that game.

For some strange reason NBA referee Dick Bavetta sings YMCA during a timeout as he approaches the Chicago Bulls team area where Dennis Rodman is present.

Another clip is from the Nuggest-Trail Blazers game on December 2, 2014. A goaltending call late in the game has to be reviewed and a fan in the crowd wanted a charge on the play instead. The NBA referee Derek Richardson tells him to shut up.

The videos also features some old clips with NBA referees Steve Javie talking to Jon Barry, Phil Jackson and Reggie Miller in three very different situations.

The final clip shows Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau trying to sweet-talk NBA referee Tony Brothers, however Tony Brothers is not falling for it. Enjoy the clip – it’s funny!