NBA referees call flagrant fouls on Lakers and Mavericks

In a hard-fought series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz in the 2001 NBA Playoffs, there was a lot of hard contact as we see Mavs center Shawn Bradley make a hard foul on Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone. The foul was called as a flagrant by NBA referee Danny Crawford and the clip shows Crawford talking to his officiating crew about being extra precausious about the physical play. The series ended as it close as it could when the Dallas Mavericks won the deciding game 5 by 84-83 and advanced to the second round.

Allen Iverson keeps jawing with the NBA referees and once again it is Steve Javie who is talking to the 76ers guard. They end the discussion but never really come to an agreement about how the game should be called. The clip dates back to the 2001 NBA Finals when the 76ers made the final cut.

The next clip shows Shaquille O’Neal commit a flagrant foul on the Phoenix Suns’ Rodney Rodgers. LA Lakers guard Ron Harper protests against the call but NBA referee Danny Crawford explains to Ron Harper and Kobe Bryant that the contact after the whistle was blown was a flagrant foul.

Dating back to the good old Kings vs. Lakers rivalry we once again find Ron Harper arguing a call – this time with NBA referee Ron Garretson. They both joke back and fourth but end up just smiling and laughing about the entire sequence.