NBA referee Joey Crawford with money in his pocket

This video was originally broadcasted as part of the halftime show in game 1 of the first round matchup between the Sacramento Kings and the Dallas Mavericks in the 2004 NBA Playoffs.

The Sacramento Kings ended up winning the game against the Dallas Mavericks 116-105 in Arco Arena shooting 53% from the field. The Kings roster featured serbian player Vlade Divac who was also featured in this video. Angry – apparantly – about his bad defense, he decides to spike the ball and winds up getting a technical foul called by NBA referee Bennett Salvatore. Divac complains to Salvatore who explains that if the had not come down he would not have called the technical foul. They end up smiling about the entire thing during halftime.

Another question that will probably never be answered is why NBA referee Joey Crawford has money in his pocket while officiating an NBA game? And why does he buy a beer to a woman’s husband who is really just a spectator of the game?
Joey Crawford also has a discussion with Tim Duncan. Just a few laters Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench. Joey Crawford was suspended for refereeing the remaining games of that season, including the entire 2007 NBA Playoffs.

NBA referee Dick Bavetta is seen talking to both Houston Rockets guard Steve Francis and Detroit Pistons power forward Rasheed Wallace, as he tries to stay neutral. Rasheed Wallace is known as quite the talker but Dick Bavetta seems to have an answer for everything.

NBA Referee Bob Delaney tells Grant Hill of the Orlando Magic that he is wired and that the last time he was wired people went to jail. That is of course a reference to Bob Delaney’s previous job as an undercover officer with the New Jersey State Police.