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The first scene from the video below is from the game on March 9, 2015, between the Milwaukee Bucks and the New Orleans Pelicans. This game featured a wired NBA referees, Zach Zarba. The NBA made a small All Access video of a day in an NBA referees workday. The game also featured a career-high 43 points from New Orleans player Anthony David.

Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant and NBA referee Mike Callahan kept discussing a foul call on Kobe. It would get even worse in a later clip where NBA referee Steve Javie actually waived off a basket made by Kobe Bryant, however he was quick to admit the mistake but had no choice but to not count the basket and give the Lakers the ball on the side. Javie at first thought it was a travel.

Dating back to 2000 NBA Finals between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers, Pacers forward Austin Croshere got called for an illegal screen according to NBA referee Danny Crawford. Marc Jackson and Larry Bird keeps arguing however Danny Crawford believes that it is a matter of time and distance on the screen, not allowing Lakers guard Derek Fisher to maintain a legal defensive position. Others might say that it was a flop.

Going back to the Eastern Conference Finals 2001 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers, the Bucks were blowing out the Sixers in game 4. That had Bucks guard Sam Cassell very thrilled as he tried to sweet-talk Danny Crawford into giving him an extra foul shot, even though it was obvious for everyone to see that it was only a two-point attempt. Danny Crawford kept his cool and did not fall for it.

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NBA referee Joey Crawford shows humor at LA Lakers game http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/nba-referee-joey-crawford-having-fun http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/nba-referee-joey-crawford-having-fun NBA referee Joey Crawford shows humor at LA Lakers game

NBA referee Joey Crawford is back! The first clip is from 2004 NBA Playoffs when the Minnesota Timberwolves were at their best. Crawford spends an awful amount of time on a jump ball sitatuation involving Shaquille O'Neal.Hudson gets to understand why the small reach-in fouls are being called.

NBA referee Steve Javie also has a very calm talk with Spurs power forward Tim Duncan and then he talks to a slightly frustrated Lakers guard Derek Fisher. Fisher wants to get a small touch-foul called but Steve Javie replies that he has never called that in 16 year. Derek Fisher accepts Javie's answer.

NBA referee Danny Crawford explains to Sacramento Kings forward Chris Webber how to get two technicals and not get ejected. Chris Webber had just gotten a technical foul for hanging on the rim after dunking the ball and that type technical foul does not count as an unsportsmanlike technical. Crawford tells Webber that he can still yell at him and get a technical and will still not be ejected.
They both end up smiling.

Kendall Gill is one of the NBA leaders in steals historically and he lets Joey Crawford know.

Finally, Joey Crawford accidently says "offense" but he thinks that he said "outside there". That ends up in a small discussion, even with Hugh Jackman who is sitting courtside in this NBA game.

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NBA referees Tim Donaghy and Joey Crawford in action http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/joey-crawford-ejects-don-nelson http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/joey-crawford-ejects-don-nelson NBA referees Tim Donaghy and Joey Crawford in action

The Western Conference Finals in the 2002 NBA Playoffs featured an intense series between Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. Game 6 is known as one of the worst officiated NBA games ever and the serien was extended to a seventh game. This clip is from game 7 as Kings forward Vlade Divac tries to draw a charge on LA Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal. It is morely a flop and NBA referee Danny Crawford explains to Vlade Divac that because Shaq did not go through him, he will not call a charge. This is often seen as NBA referees has been told not to call a charge on these plays. Vlade ends up saying that he doesn't understand the no-call. Crawford replies that he didn't expect him to understand.

Another great local rivalry is the matchup between the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks. Game 1 in the series featured 98 free throw attempts and a total of 72 personal fouls. In game 2 of the Western Conference Finals in the 2003 NBA Playoffs the NBA referees called a lot of fouls as well, as this clip shows NBA referee Joey Crawford call two technicals on Dallas Mavericks head coach Don Nelson forcing him to leave the game. Crawford ejected Don Nelson when the Dallas coach decided to engage Joey Crawford in a staredown during a timeout.

Don (Nelson) walked up to half court. I never told him to sit down because that’s not my job to tell him to sit down. I told him to go coach his team, and he said ‘No, I’m not going to.’ So I hit him with one,” Crawford told a pool reporter. “I said ‘Go coach your team.’ He said ‘I’m staying right here.’ So, bang, I threw him".

Mavs sssistant coach Del Harris was ejected by Crawford as well. This happened late in the second quarter after he walked onto the court.
In total, Joey Crawford called four technical fouls in the first ten minutes of the game.

Going back to Danny Crawford, he always has a reasonable explanation even when Derek Fisher approaches him about such little contact that will never be called.

In a game between Dallas and Sacramento, NBA referee Dick Bavetta gets his officiating crew together during a timeout. One of the other referees is the later convicted NBA referee Tim Donaghy. He doesn't really say anything. Tim Donaghy later wrote the book "Personal Foul" and did an interview about the NBA scandal on 60 minutes.

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