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In a hard-fought series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz in the 2001 NBA Playoffs, there was a lot of hard contact as we see Mavs center Shawn Bradley make a hard foul on Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone. The foul was called as a flagrant by NBA referee Danny Crawford and the clip shows Crawford talking to his officiating crew about being extra precausious about the physical play. The series ended as it close as it could when the Dallas Mavericks won the deciding game 5 by 84-83 and advanced to the second round.

Allen Iverson keeps jawing with the NBA referees and once again it is Steve Javie who is talking to the 76ers guard. They end the discussion but never really come to an agreement about how the game should be called. The clip dates back to the 2001 NBA Finals when the 76ers made the final cut.

The next clip shows Shaquille O'Neal commit a flagrant foul on the Phoenix Suns' Rodney Rodgers. LA Lakers guard Ron Harper protests against the call but NBA referee Danny Crawford explains to Ron Harper and Kobe Bryant that the contact after the whistle was blown was a flagrant foul.

Dating back to the good old Kings vs. Lakers rivalry we once again find Ron Harper arguing a call - this time with NBA referee Ron Garretson. They both joke back and fourth but end up just smiling and laughing about the entire sequence.

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NBA player Rasheed Wallace ejected for staring at NBA referee http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/rasheed-wallace-getting-ejected-for-staring http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/rasheed-wallace-getting-ejected-for-staring NBA player Rasheed Wallace ejected for staring at NBA referee

Dating back to the rivalry between the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks in the early 2000s, we find NBA refereesDanny Crawford and Joey Crawford talking to the different players. At first, Danny Crawford explains to Kings guard Mike Bibby and Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki how to pivot on pick'n'rolls. Next up, Mavs guard/forward Michael Finley complains of a clean ball situation he thought was a foul, however the only one who fouled him was actually himself. in the next clip Michael Finley tells referee Joey Crawford that he has read the NBA rule book. Joey Crawford kind of admits that Finley is right.

"Whack! Get out!" That's what NBA referee Ron Garretson said to Portland Trail Blazers forward Rasheed Wallace when he ejected him during a timeout in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals in the 2000 NBA Playoffs. Rasheed Wallace had already gotten one technical called by Ron Garretson and the referees tried to protect Rasheed by calling a delay of game call to avoid his second technical foul. Rasheed Wallace was very frustrated and chose to stare down referee Ron Garretson, causing his ejection.
This ejection has become subject to many debates around the internet.

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Allen Iverson argues with the referees and so do the Kings http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/allen-iverson-complains-to-the-referees http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/allen-iverson-complains-to-the-referees Allen Iverson argues with the referees and so do the Kings

A lot of people remember Robert Horry's buzzer beating shot in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals in the 2002 NBA Playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers were trailing by as much as 24 points in the first half and the Sacramento Kings were looking to get a commanding 3-1 lead heading back to game 5 in Sacramento. The Kings did not play a great second half and all game long they were frustrated with the officials. In the first clip of this video NBA referee Danny Crawford calls a bump on Lawrence Thunderburke that sends Robert Horry out of bounce into the Kings bench. Coach Rick Adelman felt it was a flop however Danny Crawford does not agree as he explains that call to the Sacramento Kings coach and guard Bobby Jackson. This was just one of many calls in the game frustrating the Kings. The Lakers ended up winning 100-99 on a memorable shot and game 5 in Sacramento had a great finish as well.

On November 26, 2003, the Detroit Pistons would face the 76ers in Philadelphia in a close game. This is where the second clip was taken from. An important quote from convicted NBA referee Tim Donaghy's book "Personal Foul":

"Allen Iverson provides a good example of a player who generated strong reaction, both positive and negative, within the corps of NBA referees. For instance, veteran referee Steve Javie hated Allen Iverson and was loathe [sic] to give him a favorable call."

Steve Javie was refereeing this game and the clip clearly shows Allen Iverson's frustrations with Javie. Despite Iverson's battle with the referees the Sixers ended up winning the game 90-86.

A funny clip is the "Whack, get out" clip with NBA referee Ron Garretson who tossed Rasheed Wallace in game 1 of the Western Conference in the 2000 NBA Playoffs. Find more about this game in this video.

Another NBA referee that the 76ers had some battles with is Bennett Salvatore. The last clip shows Salvatore trying to straighten things out with Allen Iverson and head coach Larry Brown but Brown does not want to listen to Salvatore and winds up getting a technical foul.

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NBA player Michael Jordan wired talking to an NBA referee http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/michael-jordan-discussing-with-nba-referee http://nba-referees-wired.com/videos/michael-jordan-discussing-with-nba-referee NBA player Michael Jordan wired talking to an NBA referee

Remember Jason Williams aka White Chocolate? He was drafted by the Sacramento Kings back in the 1999 NBA Draft. He joined a struggeling team that had just picked up Vlade Divac and traded Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber. That was the beginning of a new era in Sacramento. Jason Williams was known to be a flashy basketball player - sometimes even too flashy. In this clip Jason Willams is trying to be flashy but comes up short and believes that he was fouled. NBA referee Ron Garretson tells Jason Williams that the contact is too minor and that he already was past the defense.

Even in All Star Games there are key matchups as we listen in on NBA referee Danny Crawford telling his officiating crew that the matchup between Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Toronto Raptors forward Tracy McGrady is intense.

A very funny clip is Washington Wizards shooting guard Michael Jordan telling NBA referee Tommy Nunez that he believed that 76ers guard Aaron McKie had double dribbled. Nunez did not see two hands on the ball but he believes the former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan. A funny note is that this was both Tommy Nunez's and Michael Jordan's last NBA game. The Washington Wizards ended the 2002-03 NBA season 37-45 as Michael Jordan scored 15 points, had 4 assists and 4 rebounds in his final NBA game.

Also, listen in as Ray Allen believes the NBA referees are mocking his teammate Sam Cassell.

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